Low Loonies are coming back to haunt Canadians

I have always expected this will be the direction Canada is heading – The government will keep interest low and keep printing money.

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Is there a problem here?
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Canadian interest rates are the lowest in 5,000 years

While folk are debating solutions for our  problems, blaming foreign money and our immigration programs as the main culprits such as this article – Toronto, don’t let Vancouver’s housing crisis become yours. Whereby Josh Gordon, an assistant professor at the Simon Fraser University School of Public Policy writes about (and invited a lot of heated arguments): –

  • Concern about foreign capital is xenophobic or racist
  • Rising prices are all about low interest rates
  • There is no data
  • The problem is all about supply
  • We want foreign “investment”

Canada created history again.

According to HuffPost,

Canadian Home Prices Growing Faster Than All But 2 Countries: Knight Frank

Huffington Post Canada

Bank of America Merrill Lynch noted just months ago that interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 5,000 years.

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What’s New – Rio Olympic House & Self-Healing House

Inside Canada’s vibrant Rio Olympic House by Yabu Pushelberg

For the first time ever, the Canada Olympic House, the Rio home base for Canadian Olympians and their friends and family, was designed by Canadians. Ontario natives George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, who are best known for their luxury hotel, residential, and commercial interiors like the Four Seasons Toronto and Park Hyatt New York, simply asked the Canadian Olympic Committee: “What can we do for Canadian athletes to showcase their country?” Yabu recalled.

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Nouveau Silk Road: From Middle Kingdom to The Great White North

Jonathan Manthorpe believes there is a direct line linking the explosive real estate bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver and how secure Chinese President Xi Jinping looks on his throne.

How China’s Politics Messing Up Canadian Real Estate Markets

The evidence — the vast amount of money being spirited out of China by relatives, friends and cronies of the Red Aristocracy around Xi — suggests he’s set to tumble. Last year about $US1 trillion was spirited out of China by Communist Party leaders and their hangers-on, in defiance of currency regulations.

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They clearly do not feel the regime is secure and want their assets hidden away in stable overseas havens like Canada, the United States, Australia or Europe.

Sounds like it’s not “London Bridge is falling down”, its “The Great Wall is tumbling down”?

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New Taxes On Foreign Buyers Will Not Affect Vancouver Real Estate Sales In The Long Run

After predicting (actually complaining) Vancouver will be a ghost town soon, and that Vancouver will belly up because no foreigner will come simply because there is 15% tax on foreign home ownership.

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Pundits also have it there will be a spillover effect into other Canadian markets as a result of the new 15% tax on foreign buyers in Vancouver.

They believe Toronto will stand to benefit the most. And that Toronto will soon be the playground of the rich aliens, with every single sales attracting zombie-like buyers engaging in fierce bidding wars, making offers many hundred thousands above asking price … They even think Montreal will be next city to boom.

In short, everywhere else will have good times except for Vancouver.

What do I think?

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