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Seven Canadian projects shortlisted for 2016 WAF awards

Seven Canadian projects have been shortlisted for the 2016 World Architecture Festival (WAF) awards – the world’s biggestarchitectural awards program. All types and sizes ofarchitectural projects are represented on the 343-strong shortlist, with

Diamond Schmitt Architects/KWC Architects to design interim Senate of Canada

Canadian Architect – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
The design by Diamond Schmitt Architects in joint venture with KWC Architects Inc. to transform Ottawa’s century-old train station to become an interim home for The Senate of Canada has been approved by the National Capital Commission (NCC). The grand …

Big basket building in Ohio to be sold

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BBC News – Jul 14, 2016
An iconic building shaped like a basket in Newark, Ohio, home to a basket-making company, is to be sold. Nicknamed the “Big Basket,” and belonging to the home decorLongaberger Company, the building is looking for a buyer. Employees who work inside ..


Dubai lays out regulations for 3D printed buildings (blog) – Jul 14, 2016
Among the recognized benefits are the reduction of building material waste and reduction of construction time. Al Maidour also pointed out that with 3D printing technologies at the construction site, less manpower would be necessary, allowing workers
Dubai Sets Up Rules and Regulations fo, Moving Further Along the Road to Becoming the … 
Dubai draws up code for 3D-printed buildings
The buildings are “designed on computer and built by a computer”. Contour Crafting hopes to generate “entire neighbourhoods built at a fraction of the cost …

Minnesotan man builds the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard,
designing a kit that can print two-story houses


Minnesotan man builds the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard, designing a kit that can print two-story houses

By Alec

In Minnesota, contractor Andrey Rudenko is currently working on a project of gargantuan proportions that seems to be stretching and exploring the limits of 3D printing technology. Using a printer that was substantially modified and expanded, he has printed a concrete castle in his own backyard. And at 3 by 5 meters, this concrete structure is the world’s first 3D printed concrete castle, and one of the largest objects that has, up till now, ever printed with 3D printing technology.

Rather than trying to build a machine that caters to theme parks and history enthusiasts, this project grew out of a desire to construct a 3D printer capable of constructing durable, realistic and inhabitable houses. He’s already looking at various locations to realize this: ‘last winter in Minnesota, which was long and frigid, showed that it is crucial to have multiple areas in different countries for experimental printing since you can never predict which conditions will arise.’

But Rudenko, who has a background in engineering and architecture, chose to firstly print his fantastical castle. This allows its creator to search for and experiment with the limits and possibilities this machine offers to construction companies. The castle’s unique features and shapes offers many challenging opportunities to do this, and leave room for Rudenko to make minor adjustments to the machine. And of course, it’s also a wonderful showpiece for his huge 3D printer.
Watch a video of Andrey Rudenko’s printing process here:

Vancouver to eliminate new greenhouse gas building emissions by 2030 – Jul 14, 2016
McMullin is concerned that the industry won’t have enough time to adjust to newtechnology and building materials. As a result, the new rules could … “Constructioncosts are expensive, but more significant are land costs,” said Pander. “And this plan