Big News: Rosedale Detached Home Dropped $30K, Only Asking $868K, Still No Taker

ROSEDALE – 6 Jean Street

Question: Is this really the “Rosedale” that we all know ?

Rosedale ? Detached ? $800K ? Discounted $30K and yet no one is lining up for at least 3 miles ? Are you kidding me ?

WHAT were they thinking!?!
This house has been on the market for a while.
It was first listed in May 2013 and here are the pictures of what it looked like….
So….clearly a rental, a bit of a mess, needed a lot of work, but not the worst.
It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 25 x 132 foot lot.
It was listed for $895,000.
I think the reason it never sold was because it clearly needs a lot of work and there is no parking.  Plus, it is near the train.
It never sold and it has been listed again.
The new listing price is $868,000.
And here is what the house looks like now…
WHAT were they THINKING!?!
Sure, it didn’t show well…
But why did they paint the floors!?!?!?!?!
They weren’t that bad to begin with.  This messy looking paint job does not help at ALL.  And did they run out of paint before they got to the back door?
Because that was the only thing that really needed painting!
Though this house needs a lot of work, and now DEFINITELY new floors, it is close to the train (which I hear really isn’t that bad), and it has no parking….
This could be great house with some work.  And there is enough lot space for an addition.
If this house were in Riverdale, it would probably sell over a million.
Unless there is something seriously wrong with it, I don’t understand why it isn’t selling.
Really…what were they thinking with that paint!?!

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