Brexit-Weary Brits & Trump-Dodging Yanks may come to Canada

Recent data from Google Trends has revealed that, immediately after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, there was a huge increase in the number of “move to Canada” searches originating in that country.

This closely parallels the search patterns of United States citizens in light of Donald Trump’s success in the Republican presidential primaries a while ago. Google reported that the search term “how can I move to Canada” surged 350 per cent within a matter of hours on Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump dodges an attack from a bald eagle named Uncle Sam. Image Source

These Yanks aren’t traitors against their homeland — they’re simply exercising their God-given right as Americans to head north when things get rough at home.

The Brits and Yanks are coming for real?


The next wave of foreign property buyers may be from the U.S. and Britain.  Google Trends shows interest in moving to Canada is at an all-time high as recent political events make Americans and Brits take a renewed interest in Canada. (The Economist)

Britons seek to ‘move to Canada’ after Brexit vote – Trending – Jun 24, 2016. If you want to crash at my place, we can all plan a move to Canada. … Brits are frantically trying to figure out how to move to Canada … (

Britons searching ‘move to Canada’ on Google after Brexit vote. Sorry, Canada, but can you fit one more? … Brits, if you’re upset by #Brexit, considermoving to Canada. … Minister Justin Trudeau was asked how Canada would deal with an influx ofAmericans wanting to move to Canada (CTV)

Canada looks good to unhappy Brits, Yanks …Just how many Americans mightseriously consider moving here will probably become clearer …(

Why Canada could see a boom in immigrants—from the U.S. As you can see, there’s already a trend of Americans and Brits increasingly relocating to Canada (and to a lesser extent, the French). (

Plus, real estate agents pitch Vancouver as investment haven, regulating agents won’t help the property crisis, real estate drives Canada’s economy, and zoning laws thwart equality

Realtors are pitching Vancouver and Toronto as safe property havens. Thanks to Brexit, London no longer looks like such a safe bet for investing foreign capital. In the last decade, central London saw the biggest increase in residential property prices of any major city as the favoured destination for global capital seeking a stable sanctuary. (Bloomberg)

Is regulation of real estate agents really the answer to Vancouver’s real estate crisis? Two B.C. academics don’t think so. They say rising property prices are mainly caused by lack of housing supply, high demand, an inflow of foreign capital and low interest rates. (Globe and Mail)

Real estate is driving the Canadian economy. Thanks to hot housing markets in B.C. and Toronto, real estate activity was the biggest year-over-year contributor to growth in April 2016 and contributed nearly one-third of Canada’s annual GDP growth. (BNN)

Does restricting real estate development affect the economy? A growing body of economic literature suggests that anti-growth sentiment, when multiplied across countless unheralded local development battles, is a major factor in creating a stagnant and less equal American economy. (New York Times)

Keen to move to Canada? Here are some things to consider. Interest in moving to Canada has peaked in the UK and the US – but are … It is something Americans will be well-accustomed to, but Brits could … (