Canada: Palace for Prince or a pauper

Here what $400K buys you in the real estate market across Canada

or this one …

Probably not this one.

Not kidding you … You can’t even get an apartment for $400K in most cities. Not in Canada.

Real estate is good as gold in the Great White North.

Don’t own a home? Sorry, you just gotta suck it up.

Got $700,000 to burn ?

$700,000 can have you living like a prince or a pauper

Canadian real estate is a funny thing. In Moncton, $700,000 will buy you a castle. Here’s what it will buy elsewhere.


Is there anything more mystifying than the cost of real estate across our great nation? Take Castle Manor (pictured here), a sprawling 19,000-sq-ft stronghold situated in Moncton, N.B. Recently listed at $699,000, this historic property’s sale has sparked national interest. Sure, the aging fortress may require some upgrades but as its agent boasts: “Amazing potential!”MoneySense scoured the rest of the country to see what other kinds of unique real estate deals potential homebuyers could purchase with a $700,000 budget.



A shack: This “AS IS” property features boarded windows and“no access to house.” Some TLC needed.



A vacant lot: Described as a “unique opportunity to build a new semi.” Sorry, architect not included with price.



Sheep Island: Located on the St. Lawrence River about 60 km from Montreal. Never worry about noisy neighbours.