Of Divorce and Toronto Real Estate

Divorced House

As part of this business, I’ve become very skilled at handling all types of situations.

Estate sales & divorces are always infused with emotions and memories that can often cloud the process of selling the house involved. I will say that some lawyers are excellent at getting this done quickly and some will take years to finish the job. Those years can often mean all of your hard earned home equity down the drain.

As proof of this, I have remained the agent of choice for many couples while they were together and as each partner moved along to other relationships.

I hope you never need me to help you get through this….but understand that I am experienced in keeping this difficult process free of unnecessary slowdowns due to inexperience.

Once the separation agreement is decided on, it could mean that one party is keeping the home and you will need to refinance OR you both decide its best to sell the home and move on.

The key to this process going well is to have lawyers involved who do not want this to go on for years and get referred to more often as a result.

As most of my fellow mortgage pros know, I like to brainstorm as often as I can with those at the top of their field. I find that being around the best in other businesses allows me to stay sharp at mine.

One of the sharpest mortgage pros I’ve met recently let me know that you can actually access up to 95% of your home’s equity during a divorce (vs the 80% traditional refinance that many are limited to). This means if one of the couple is keeping the home, you can practically cut it down the middle (value wise) and the one moving out now has cash to buy their next home.

Whether or not it matters, I watched how painful divorce was as a child as my parents went through it. It cost them time, money and years off their lives.

My goal when helping a couple get thru this is simply to make it less painful for those involved and, if kids are involved, less painful for them. I believe that the sooner each party moves ahead, the happier they will both be. For the couples who keep emotions to a minimum as we sell the home, it can be very painless. For those who can’t, it can be torture.

Notable Listings This Week May 19 – 23

23 Miranda Crt

Beverley Glen , Vaughan

Contact Arnie Sendrovich to view this property: 416 800-0812 | arnie@theredpin.com | @ArnieS_TRP

  • Asking Price: $1,380,000
  • Details: 4 Beds, 5 Baths

Apt. 110 – 191 Collier St

East Bayfield , Barrie

Contact Robin Keir to view this property: 416 800-0812 | robin.keir@theredpin.com | @RobinK_TRP

  • Asking Price: $289,900
  • Details: 3 Beds, 3 Baths

642 Rossellini Dr

Meadowvale Village , Mississauga

Contact Susan Hausmann to view this property: 416 800-0812 | susan@thredpin.com | @SusanH_TRP

  • Asking Price: $489,000
  • Details: 3 Beds, 3 Baths

369 Waterside Cres

Maple , Vaughan

Contact Joy Mann to view this property: 416 800-0812 | joy@theredpin.com | @JoyM_TRP

  • Asking Price: $749,000
  • Details: 3 Beds, 4 Baths

Apt. 1501 – 1910 Lakeshore Blvd W

South Parkdale, Toronto

Contact Enzo Ceniti to view this property: 416-800-0812 | enzo@theredpin.com | @EnzoC_TRP

  • Asking Price: $315,000
  • Details: 1 Bed, 1 Bath