For Sales: $109K Multiplex and Live in the U.S. and Canada at the same time

Ever wanted to live in 2 nations at once? Here’s your golden opportunity

Buy this multiplex with five apartments for only $109,000 … Isn’t this a steal considering even a shack will cost you more than $1 million in Toronto or Vancouver nowadays?

Best of all, you get to live on both side of the border, and become a dual-citizen naturally.


Yes, You Can Live In the U.S. and Canada—At the Same Time (and at a STEAL price)

(ABC NEWS) – For sale: A 1782 fixer-upper with thick granite walls, 1950s decor, and armed 24-hour security provided by both Canada and the United States of America.

The almost 7,000-square-foot 1782 fixer-upper cut into five currently vacant apartments, is on a lot of less than a quarter-acre that, along with the building itself, straddles the border between Beebe Plain, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec, is on the market for $109,000. It’s structurally sound but needs lots of work. And then there’s that international border.

A border post and planters in Derby, Vermont, show the U.S.-Canadian border where it leads to a building located in the two countries.

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The property in question is known by locals as the Old Stone Store and was built by a merchant who wanted to sell to farmers in Vermont and Quebec. There are entrances on both sides of the border, and a small granite border marker just outside the front door. Derby, Vermont, is on one side; Stanstead, Quebec, on the other.

The house comes with granite walls, 1950s decor, and a whopping 7,000 square feet of living space divided into five currently vacant apartments, and is listed for a relatively low $109,000, per Zillow. The catch is that it needs a lot of work, about $600,000 worth—and someone who doesn’t mind having border security agents keeping track of your whereabouts … A “bonus” considering it results in “armed 24-hour security from two powerful nations!”

Attention Investors (a.k.a speculators): Why do you pouring million and million dollars scooping up properties in Toronto and Vancouver, when you just spend $100K and live in two the greatest nations on earth for free?

For Free?

Yep, because the property in question is a multiplex with five apartments that you can rent out … It’s not that hard to collect enough rent from five apartments (READ: there are 5 apartments) to pay for the mortgage, right?

Consider how crazy are Canadians when it comes to real estate … I’d be surprised if this dual-nationality gem does not attract a sea of more than enthusiastic bidders.

Expect bloody bidding war!

Don’t like the American continent? No worry, the Old Stone Store is by no mean the only property bordering two nations. Here is another one  … It has two addresses!

This house situated at the Netherland – Belgium border is part of both countries. It has 2 addresses and even two door bells. There are numerous houses in the same region which are on both sides, but they are part of the country the front door is in. In this house the border passes right through the front door.


Apparently, all these dual-nationality properties are a result of intoxication … Coming up next.

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