High Home Prices, High Deficits, High Costs, High Taxes, But Stagnant Income

Justin Trudeau giving a speech with the Vancouver skyline visible in the background

Message from Conservative Party of Canada:

“Canadian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Stephen Jarislowski recently said:

“You do not build a prosperous nation by excessively taxing those who create prosperity and jobs.”

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau didn’t get the message.

He should spend less time trying to get on U.S. talk shows and more time focusing on how he’s going to get us out of the fiscal mess he created.

As Conservatives, we understand the value of a balanced budget.

That’s why we balanced the federal budget in 2015.

But with Trudeau in charge, deficits have become the norm.  So much for his promised “modest” $10 billion deficits – now we’re looking at trillions of dollars of debt, and no balanced budget until 2055.

How is Trudeau paying for his out of control spending?  Higher taxes of course!

And the problem with that runs deeper than the immediate pain in your pocketbook.

With higher taxes comes the risk that Canada’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, companies, and corporations will look to greener pastures – where the tax burden isn’t so onerous.

Case in point – Trudeau’s carbon tax. 

Both Ontario and Alberta have already adopted carbon tax policies. And both provinces are seeing first-hand the negative impacts on their economies because of it.

Trudeau’s many mistakes aren’t just hurting our economy now – they’re putting the long-term health of our economy at risk, and burdening the next generation of Canadians with our debt.

We must ensure that Justin Trudeau’s damage is limited to one term only.”

To sum up, I see conservatives got a problem with policy taxing the wealthy (“those who create prosperity and jobs” = the deep pockets).

The related issue we have in hand is the overheated real estate market is also caused by the same “deep pockets”. And the dilemma is booming real estate obviously also creates prosperity and jobs (and lots of illegal immigrants as the “by product”?).

What can we make up out of a situation like this … “dilemma”? “Paradox”?

Anyway, the following statement by the Conservatives is certainly a valid point to ponder upon ...

“So much for his promised “modest” $10 billion deficits – now we’re looking at trillions of dollars of debt, and no balanced budget until 2055…  Higher taxes of course!”

Absurd Home Prices, High Cost of Living, Higher Taxes, but Low or Stagnant Income … Where does this lead us?

Hope it’s not going to be a bloody revolution like … The Arab Spring!

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