Hilarious Real Estate Signs

It’s Friday, so let’s end the week on a positive note. At least that’s the excuse I’m going to use for sharing these five amusing real estate signs with you:

The 25 most hilarious real estate signs you’ll ever see!

1. Desperate enough to write that on a sign!
2. Is that a real estate sign or a country music song?
3. Advertising ALL the dirty laundry!
4. No extra charge for mice!
5. I would say selling the house was the least of their worries!
6. Maybe they have that backwards?
7. Yes, the chicken is funny…but advertising a hall?
8. SUR it’s not haunted!
9. Is Dorita really holding a bag of Doritas in her photo?
10. There’s no doubt that’s riverfront property!
11. You mean Condo (SPACE) man?
12. Whoa!
13. That’s an interesting name!
14. Free advice: when you reduce the price 50 times, spend $5 on a new sign.
15. Was this person drug tested before they wrote the ad?
16. Good to know it wasn’t animal or alien owned.
17. Family values at their best!
18. Ummmm NO!
19. The Walking Dead realtor?
20. Hey, if Mr.s Foreman recommends him, it’s got to be legit!
21. Good to know if I ever decided to sell my crack house.
22. That’s one expensive pizza!
23. Seriously creepy having Chucky as your co-realtor.
24. Rod Peeler or Rod Stewart?
25. Trying to hard?

Hopefully that’s managed to put some semblance of a smile on your face. Enjoy the weekend!