How will Video Exposé of Mayor Ford Smoking Crack affect Toronto Real Estate ?

For once, something is hotter than real estate in Canada – Mayor Rob Ford Is Now Hotter Anything Else In Canada

We have images consistent with alleged crack video: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair made the stunning announcement Thursday that police have recovered digital video files containing images that “appears to be those images previously reported in the press.” Mayor Rob Ford appears in at least one of those video files, Blair said.

Alleged Rob Ford video recovered by Toronto police: Chief Bill Blair

Surveillance photos from the court documents.

Toronto PoliceSurveillance photos from the court documents.

Police recover video which appears to show Rob Ford smoking crack

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says investigators have recovered a digital video file that depicts Mayor Rob Ford and is “consistent with what had been previously described in various media reports.”

Ford bulldog editionThe front of a special afternoon edition on Mayor Rob Ford published Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013.

Chief Blair also announced that police had on Thursday taken into custody the mayor’s friend, Alexander Lisi, and charged him with extortion. Lisi will appear in court today.

The police chief said he was “disappointed” after viewing the video.

Chief Blair said the video was recovered as part of the Project Traveller raids on alleged gang activity in the city’s northwest end this summer.

“I think it’s fair to say the mayor does appear in that video but I’m not going to get into the detail of what activities is depicted in that video,” Chief Blair said in a news conference at a police headquarters.

He said it is “consistent with what had been previously described in various media reports.”

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Toronto Cops Are Investigating Mayor Rob Ford’s Drug Habit

This morning the Toronto Police Department released a 500-page application for a search warrant used in the arrest of Sandro Lisi, a drug dealer who served as a driver to Mayor Rob Ford. It makes clear that Rob Ford uses drugs, and the police are pursuing a criminal investigation into his behavior.

Toronto reporters are tearing through the document as we speak. The photo above—which was posted to Twitter by Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle, though without much context—clearly shows that Ford was under surveillance by the police. According to quotes from the document posted by the Star‘s live updates, the Toronto Police Department dispatched a detective to investigate reports in Gawker and the Star that Ford was filmed smoking crack cocaine. The report quotes a Ford staffer, who was interviewed by the cops in June, telling cops that “he doesn’t know where the mayor got marijuana from but has heard that ‘Sandro’ may provide the Mayor with marijuana & possibly cocaine.”

We’ll update as more information from the documents comes out.

Update: Here’s the full document.

PROJECT BRAZEN 2- ITO by torontostar

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Looks like Canada is getting very scandalous ?

A while ago, there was this sex scandal thingy …

City pledges culture change amid reports of sex scandal

‘We are concerned about public confidence every day we show up to work:’ city manager

City officials are not commenting on published reports suggesting that city worker had sex with a prostitute in a city-owned work vehicle.

City manager Chris Murray would not confirm or deny the reports Wednesday, saying it was a personnel matter. But if it did happen, the city would take it seriously, he said.

“We are concerned about public confidence every day we show up to work,” Murray told reporters. “Our job is to make certain that people have trust and confidence in how our service is provided.”

Local media reported Wednesday that an area resident spotted a city worker having sex with a prostitute in the Barton Street area sometime in August.

The public works employee was terminated with cause, the Hamilton Spectator reported. It cited a source that said the employee and the sex worker were captured by a store video camera.

It’s the latest in a scandal-plagued year for the city, which has faced a sexual harassment charge in its transit department, an alleged employee theft of more than $1 million over nine years and the firing of 22 city road workers for allegations that included the sale of city asphalt and time theft.

The city is working hard to improve its corporate culture, and to send the message that such acts are not acceptable, Murray said. He’ll drive home the message during a meeting with 600 city supervisors and managers on Friday.

“I have an organization of 7,200 employees,” he said. “There are going to be times when things are going to happen that we’re going to have to deal with.”

‘You’re supposed to get a room for that on your own time, not do it in a public place in a city-owned vehicle…If it happened, it’s unacceptable behaviour.’ —Councillor Lloyd Ferguson

The incident was discussed behind closed doors at a general issues committee meeting Wednesday. Coun. Lloyd Ferguson of Ancaster said he was concerned about the new allegation.

“You’re supposed to get a room for that on your own time, not do it in a public place in a city-owned vehicle,” he said. “If it happened, it’s unacceptable behaviour and it needs to be dealt with swiftly.”

Ferguson doesn’t worry about loss of public confidence in the city.

“The public appreciates that we’re finally getting a read on these things,” he said.

“The easiest thing for senior staff to do is ignore it and sweep it under the carpet. But [Murray] seems committed to fixing the culture problem in this organization so we’re sending a fairly clear message that this behaviour is not going to be tolerated.”

An HSR manager was dismissed without cause last August in a sexual harassment case against a female employee. An arbitrator’s report in September said the manager had received a severance of about $200,000, although Murray says it was substantially less. The report also cited a poisoned work culture, and awarded the female employee $25,000.

Police are still investigating the case of a city worker who was dismissed in connection with more than $1 million that had gone missing from city coffers over a nine-year period.

No charges have been laid.

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