Real Estate Agents Will Sell Anything Down The River ?

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Every single real estate agent billboard says that they’re #1 in Canada.

Apparently, real estate agents welcome the idea for Canada to annex tiny islands in the Caribbean ?

“How cool would it be to have Turks and Caicos as Canada’s 11th province? Would be nice to get some real estate … ” And this is coming out from the mouth of a real estate agent.

Turks and Caicos premier ‘not closing the door’ on Canadians’ Caribbean dreams

Omar Sachedina has more on a round of high level meeting between Ottawa and the Turks and Caicos reviving talk of a connection.
The premier of Turks and Caicos is promoting tourism and economics with Canada.
The premier of the Turks and Caicos says he’s “not closing the door completely” on the idea of his island nation becoming Canada’s 11th province, but says such a move would only happen if it is the will of his country’s residents.Premier Rufus Ewing was on Parliament Hill Monday to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other MPs to discuss economic development and trade issues, as well as, of course, tourism.

But Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was quick to dispel the possibility of the island nation becoming a part of Canada.

“The premier who’s here isn’t asking to become the 11th province and we’re not in the business of annexing islands in the Caribbean to be part of Canada,” he said. “So that’s not something that we’re exploring. We’re not looking at any sort of formal association with the islands.”

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