Soaring House Prices – Blame The Foreigners

Deep-pockets from China seem to have gluttonous appetite for real estate in the Great White North …

Chinese bought $1.3B of Canadian commercial real estate this year

The Bentall Centre in Vancouver sold to China’s Anbang Group earlier this year, pushing Chinese investment in Canadian commercial real estate to a new high.

This phenomenon created a lot of resentment among Canadian folks

Vancouver Real Estate’s Foreign Money Influence Is Real. Says Guy Who Says He Has Proof.

Huffington Post Canada ‎Jun 29, 2016‎ 
… notoriously overheated real estate market continues to surge, pushing the average price of a single-detached home in Vancouver to $1.5 million.
Foreign investment has impact on Vancouver housing market: researchers 
New SFU study links foreign investment to hot housing prices 

Foreign investment doesn’t tell the whole real estate story: study News1130 

Chinese bank claims fugitive bought luxury BC real estate

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Last year, Canada’s anti-money laundering watchdog FINTRAC claimed to have stepped up enforcement activities in Vancouver’s real estate market. A report prepared for the agency suggested the real estate sector was at “significant risk” for money …
China’s CITIC Bank tries to seize real estate assets in Canada 
Chinese bank claims fugitive who owes $10M bought four homes in BC worth $7.2M 
Com’on, Canada. What’s happening?
They say “Cash Is King” … What can we say?

Foreign money affects Vancouver housing: study – ‎Jun 30, 2016‎
Communities favoured by Chinese immigrants in Vancouver saw a drop in housing prices over about a year relative to the overall housing market after the termination of the Canadian Immigrant Investment Program in 2014, Pavlov said. “This is as good
Now folks are even seeking help from a celebrity “Extremist” Donald Trump …

Campaign borrows from Donald Trump to push for action on foreign buyers of Vancouver real estate (blog) – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
The petition requests that Ottawa collect data on foreign investment in Canadian real estate, study restrictions that other country’s place on offshore investments in real estate, and that, “if appropriate”, the government “require potential buyers to

What’s next … Jihad (against the foreign investors)?