Brexit Effects On Canadian Mortgage And Real Estate

Let’s examine what to expect as a result of Brexit … Could it be a “Real EstatExit” in the making for the Great White North?

How the Brexit Affects Canadian Mortgage Rates

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Move SmartlyJun 27, 2016
Fixed-Rate Mortgages – When events like this happen, there is typically a flight-to-safety where investors pile in to safe-haven assets like Government of Canada (GoC) bonds, which our fixed mortgage rates are priced on.
Variable-Rate Mortgages – The Brexit result pushes out the timing of when the U.S. Federal Reserve will next raise its policy rate …

‘Brexit wounds’: From Canadian bank stocks to house prices

The Globe and Mail (subscription) ‎Jun 27, 2016‎
Economists, stock analysts and currency strategists are fast changing their view of the world as we head into yet another round of market uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Brexit. What’s Next?

Canadian Mortgage Trends – ‎Jun 24, 2016‎
But mortgage rates are likely not about to fall off a cliff near-term. Canada’s inflation outlook will be more greatly impacted by things like negative sentiment and falling oil than any deterioration of UK trade.
As the realtors, they couldn’t be more bullish. They think the deep pockets (especially Europeans) will come in in drove …
Brexit Opens Window for Canadian Commercial Real Estate 

How Brexit could add more fuel to Canada’s hottest housing markets

bnn.caJun 24, 2016
In the face of the Brexit turmoil, G7 central bankers and finance … a low loonie ensures Canadian real estate remains on sale for rest of the …

Brexit could stimulate greater interest in Canadian commercial real

Mortgage Broker NewsJun 29, 2016
In the wake of last week’s Brexit referendum that led to British voters … “As a result, the Canadian commercial real estate market is about to be …
Obviously, no everyone is optimistic …

How Brexit could affect Canada’s real estate market

MoneySense ‎Jun 27, 2016‎
Britain’s decision to leave the European Union last week plunged governments worldwide into a pit of economic and political uncertainty.