Toronto 2-Bedroom Condo Breaching $1 Million Soon

A while ago, if you #donthave1million, it simply means you will be “homeless” in Vancouver. Now, and very soon, you gotta be sleeping in the street if you remain #donthave1million in Toronto, the “World Within a City”.

Good luck Torontonians …

Two bedroom condos won’t go for under $1 million soon: Toronto broker

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“When you look at the average price of housing, your typical detached home now being over a million dollars, the only alternative for the 24 to 35-year-old is now going to be a two bedroom, two bathroom condo, and that’s where we’ve seen the biggest

Other condo related news in Greater Toronto Area …

Mayor John Tory unveils new trash diversion contest for condo, apartment dwellers – ‎Jun 30, 2016‎
Toronto Mayor John Tory launched the Towering Challenge on Thursday, an ambitious – but entirely voluntary – program aimed at convincing condo and apartment dwellers to recycle more of their waste. The Towering Challenge starts in September.

GTA condo sales overtake supply

And prices will only keep going up, as record land costs and the introduction of new development charges create unprecedented cost pressures for those developing the future supply of new condos, units that won’t be available to consumers for another

Boutique east-end Toronto condo overlooks Hunt Club fairway

But he’s happy to give it up for residents of a new mid-rise development his company, Mutual Development Corp., is co-building with Laurier Homes, directly across the street from the Toronto Hunt Club on Lake Ontario. “We are a boutique condominium …

Cranson Capital’s Toronto condo REIT

Toronto real estate investment firm Cranson Capital believes it has hit on a winning way for investors to benefit from the rental market by buying newly built condos at a discount from condo developers.

Toronto tenants celebrate win over condo developer

The developer initially wanted to build two highrise condos of 24 and 32 storeys adjacent to the existing rental buildings.

Thornhill condo is carving out green space

We want to be a catalyst for the future by showing that it’s not a compromise to live in a condominium instead of a traditional home but an alternative that comes with different advantages.