Toronto Homes – What can you get for $1 million today?

As a sequel of  “Toronto Real Estate Revolution – Home Buyers Resist to Buy, Home Sellers Persist on Price”, Let’s take a look what can you possibly get for $1 million in Toronto today.

Realistically, these are your option:-


“Let’s just call it ‘rustic’?”


“To the printers!”

“Can we get tetanus shots there?”

Or for,


You may have this Polly Pocket’s dream house, on a major street, with no parking.

If you are lucky, you may still get it for a little less than $1 million,

The equivalent of a backyard shed in a normal city is $800,000 in this dysfunctional one.

(Oh, and no parking and we betcha it’s located in a rough neighbourhood)

In a sligthly more decent neighbourhood, you should be looking at no less than this kind of money,

Oh, you wanted a DETACHED house for $1.3 million?

Lol move to Oshawa.

Listed: $899,000 Sold: $1.29 M


A bungalow where the kitchen is in the basement.

Perfect for buyers under 5’5″

Listed: $679,900 Sold: $1.05M

Even this sold for $920K  in Oct. With no renos, sold again in Feb for,




Again, in certain less desirable areas,

Someone bought this thing for $850,000.

Anything less means you are looking at something like these …

What half a million dollars will buy you in Leslieville.

*Bring steel toe boots

Or this nice little fixer-upper,

Asking $700,000. Includes a half-eaten can of beans and a pair of fingerless gloves.

Something like this one in a slightly better areas will cause you quite a dent (beyond $1 million),



The truth is any decent family in a so-so area is likely to ask for $2 millions or more.

Come to our beautiful city, live like a multimillionaire, share a single bathroom.

Sold: $1.9M, 3b/1bath

Hope you get the gist of the reality by now.

That’s Toronto, the heart of the Golden Horseshoe – where Home Show is hotter than Crazy Horse Show.

Don’t like what you hear?

You may leave. The door is always open. And if you are leaving, close the door – Deep Purple.

When a Blind Man Cries

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