Toronto joins Gnome Condo Club – 300 square feet

Smart House – Toronto gets its first micro-condos, at 300 square feet

Suites start at $249,000 for 300 square feet, that’s almost $850 per square foot !

You know what ? This is only the cheapest unit. So, it’s fair to assume the average price is close to $1,000 per square foot – and that’s the price for Manhattan properties.

Question: Is Toronto Manhattan ?

Before you say yes, of course, please bear in mind Manhattan is only a tiny little island. It’s home to all the Fortune 500 Top Guns, every top financial institution must have HQ in Manhattan or you are simply nobody. All billionaire celebs wanted to have at least a studio apartment there (they don’t call things like that Condo),  as well as most of the top super corrupt politicians like Marcos do maintain a presence there (NB: I don’t think our Senator Pamela Wallin is a member of the privileged league) … not to mention all the glitz and glamor shops from Fendi to Ferragamo.

Do we have that kind of things in Toronto ?

Gnome Condo

Toronto gets its first micro-condos, at 300 square feet

Billed as being “sensitive to downtown premiums and a starter-home budget,” the units are yet another way that Toronto is catching up with the world — tiny units are the norm in places like London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Here, these suites start at $249,000 for 300 square feet. More than half the units are priced at less than $350,000.

The building is right at the sweet spot of hip Queen West, the University Avenue stretch of offices and hospitals, and mere blocks from the downtown business and financial core. The Yonge-University subway and the iconic Queen streetcar are right at the corner.

Dubbed Smart House, the architecture of this 25-storey building is pretty standout, with staggered red balconies creating visual interest and a unique ID for the building. There’ll be retail on the first two floors and office on the next two. The 241 suites will span floors five to 25.

The little suites are super sweet, with efficient design meaning no square inch goes to waste (there are such cool features as retractable countertops and dining tables, and sofas and desks that double up, and even movable partitions, so that the space is what you want it to be at any particular moment; see it on the video at the Smart House site; renderings weren’t available yet). Amenity space includes a fully equipped gym, guest suite, party room and outdoor terrace with barbecues, tables and lounge areas.


I am so shocked to see Toronto moving more in the direction of Vancouver, with people paying outrageous amount of money to live in a shoebox sized apartment. Once you leave Toronto, you quickly realize that for a fifth of the cost you can get a property which is measured in acres, not square feet.

I also love how they try to sell their environmental angle with “it’s gracious and green not to sprawl”. That translates into: we will charge you almost as much for even less space. Win-win.

How Small Do Toronto Condos Get?

Really Small

Check out Andrew La Fleur’s condo — it is only 300 square feet! Not only does he have to fit in a bed, he also has a washer and drier! His floor plan looks pretty small:

But even though his condo is tiny, he manages to make it look really good. Check it out:

And they call this … Manhattanization

The ‘Manhattanization’ of Toronto will change family-housing dreams

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