There Will Be No Condo Crisis ? Condo Cartel Is The Reason Why …

Toronto condos luring more renters, driving up rents

An increasing proportion of people are choosing to rent condos in Toronto rather than buy them, driving up rents while sales slide and prices stall.

Condo Cartel Conspiracy Theory

According to Lil Bird, real estate business is run by mobsters and scamsters !

I asked how so ?

“Haven’t you heard of the Concrete Cartel ?” He asked.

I said: “Yeah.  But I got no idea what is this concrete scam all about ? So, what’s happening … ?”

“Well. White collar criminals with lots of money to burn usually get away just like their brethren in China.” Commented Lil Bird (this one must be a Chinese bird ?)

“Well, what has this gotta do with why there will be no condo crisis or not ?”

“Simple.  There is a Condo Cartel going on …” alleged  Lil Bird, “There will be a lot of unsold condos, and the developers know this fact. Most law abiding citizens simply can’t afford to buy any real estate, not even condo. Actually, not even a kitchen or a washroom … Yet they still continue to build very confidently. What do you think is the rationale ?”

“Here is why … Because no unsold unit will be put on fire sales. ” revealed Lil Bird.

“How so ? Well, all unsold units will be rented out instead. And they have conspired to rent the unsold units at pre-determined rate to the poor souls. They’d stick to the price even if there are empty, unoccupied … This is how the Concrete Cartel works as well.’

“Can the government do anything ?” I asked …  “Yes, if they wanted to, but no, they won’t do it because they’re “part of the game” … “, allegedly the #1 Conspiracy Theorist – Lil Bird.

Sounds like a very serious allegation, isn’t it ?

And the Lamb of TO Fairyland says condo will rule forever …


Toronto Real Estate Expert Brad Lamb on CBC Radio Metro Morning – 2013 Market Projections

Jan 2013 – Toronto Condo King Brad J. Lamb on CBC Radio Metro Morning giving his 2013 Market Projections and insights into the real estate market.

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